Radicalisation as a Relational Phenomenon DAY 1 

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To understand the complexity of radical phenomena through a multi-disciplinary approach at EU-level.


Specific Objectives

  1. To develop skills of public and private first-line practitioners to recognize radical dynamics and assess behaviours indicating potential escalations within the society-at-large;
  2. To improve critical knowledge on the mainstreaming radicalization theories and their relation with terrorism and other forms of crime.

Training Content

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Sergio Bianchi


Orientalist and Middle East Expert Dr. Bianchi is specialized in the field of Muslim minorities has carried out in-depth researches on security issues and geopolitics, supporting the idea that Islam may be a resource to counter the terrorist threats. Among his recent books “Low Intensity Conflicts in a Liquid World” (2016), “Is Islamism a Threat?” (2015), “Jihadist Radicalisation in European Prisons” (2010), “The Italian right parties in the age of leadership” (2008). His articles and video productions regarding a wide range of topics from politics to breaking news have been featured in national and internationally published newspapers and TVs over the years. He is fluent in Italian, Arabic, German and English. Dr. Bianchi is a RAN C.o.E. member.

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