Module 4 – Early Intervention and Awareness at Local Level MAY 11TH 2020  

Teachers, Educators, Local Public Stuff, NGOs, Psychologists and Health care


To sensibilise first-line practitioners at the local level on the phenomenon of radicalisation


Specific Objectives

To improve know-how, competences, and abilities of operators to understand the phenomenon of radicalisation; improve their capabilities in early detection; train operators on multi-agency approach. e.

Training Content

  • Polarization in urban areas
  • Violent radicalization processes in urban areas. How to detect and intervene them. Case analysis and debate around the film “The young Ahmed” (2019)
  • Practical case on the management of radicalisation and cultural diversity in the city of Madrid (Spain).

Manuel Moyano


Manuel Moyano is a professor at University of Cordoba. PhD in Psychology. He has been researcher in projects related to P/CVE, radicalisation and terrorism in several organizations such as the European Union, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, START Center, New York University Abu Dhabi or Radicalisation Awareness Network. He has coordinated as an official several projects related to prevention of violence and CVE.

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