Module 5 – Penal Mediation and Alternative Measures to Detention – Violent Radicalization: a Restorative Justice Approach MAY 11TH 2020 

Prison and Court Experts (psychologists, criminologists, Middle-East experts, educators, cultural mediators, etc.)


To develop knowledge on the new models of exist strategies applied in several EU countries in case of radicalisation, with a specific focus on the transition from the prison to the external life.


Specific Objectives

To improve know-how, competences and abilities of different public and private prison and justice operators to use different tools of reparative justices; adapt models of penal and cultural mediations to different types of inmates, depending from their status; Analyse different transitional mechanisms in place in diverse EU prison and probation systems.

Training Content

  • Restorative Justice and mediation, a brief introduction;
  • Legal basis and the subjects of RJ;
  • Radicalized cosmologies;
  • Models of intervention: mediation, community conferencing and community victim impact panel;
  • Victims, society and jail.

Stefano Cesana & Beatrice Maccarini


Beatrice Maccarini and Stefano Cesana are professional mediators, practicing restorative justice programs in multiple contexts, such as criminal justice and related to scholastic and social conflict.
Both graduated at Milano-Bicocca Law School, they attended a two years training in humanistic mediation of conflicts at CIMFM of Bologna. Beatrice also obtained a second level master degree in clinic criminology and forhensic psycopatology at San Raffaele University while Stefano is currently attending it.

Beatrice Maccarini


Beatrice Maccarini is a professional conflict mediator, practicing Restorative Justice programs in multiple contexts, such as criminal justice, school and social conflicts. After graduating at Milano-Bicocca Law School, she attended a two years training in humanistic mediation of conflicts at CIMFM of Bologna and then obtained the second level master degree in Clinic Criminology and Forhensic Psychopathology at San Raffaele University. Her experience includes five years at the Center for Restorative Justice and Penal Mediation of Milan municipality working for Dike Cooperative, three years at Milano-Bicocca University giving support to the chair of Criminology and one year at the external penal execution office of Trieste as expert criminologist.


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