Module 3 – Basic of Digital Forensics for the Prevention of Radicalization and Prosecution of Terrorims MAY 11TH 2020 

LEAs, Police, Judges, Intel, Lawyers, Court and Forensic Experts


To develop basic competences to identify illegitimate mobile device
within prisons and access data in line with the national practices and


Specific Objectives

To improve know-how, competences and abilities of different
LEAs, prison and justice operators to integrate digital and cyber
data into the mechanisms of observation of radicalisation as part
of new preventive and investigative models.

Training Content

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Emanuele Marcozzi


Emanuele Marcozzi is the Pre Sales Manager for Area having joined the company in 2002 as an Engineer, with responsibility of Product and Training delivery. After a few years he evolved towards the Sales Department as Pre Sales Engineer. Now Pre Sales Manager, he is in contact with the Law Enforcement Agencies of several countries. He has developed a wide experience in supporting them in various fields ranging from tactical surveillance to network based monitoring. The focus is on IP based communication and consequently the evolution of the technologies used to perform investigations in this field.


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